Concurrent Enrollment Middle School

Owner: Madera Unified School District
Size: 50,154 Square Feet

The new Concurrent Enrollment Middle School is a career technical training school. Students will attend this school concurrent with their home middle school. The District wanted to start these programs to excite student interest before reaching the high school level. Included in this school is six large vocational labs/maker spaces, one vocational shop, a 144-seat lecture hall, a large display room to feature student projects, a student break area, and an administration area.

Agriculture is a significant part of Madera County, so the District wanted to ensure that agriculture would be included in the curriculum for this concurrent middle school. It is with this same idea that the agrarian architectural style design was inspired. The forms, use of wood and metal materials, and earthy colors all lend themselves to the design style. The interior design brought the same elements back inside to keep with the theme. However, it was essential to create modern, highly technical learning spaces for the students.