Kern High School ROC Culinary

Owner: Kern High School District
Size: 12,000 Square Feet

The Culinary facility is a new building designed like a commercial restaurant featuring a 70-seat dining room and 24 seat café. This facility will feature two separate kitchens; a cooking kitchen that can accommodate 36 students with a show kitchen visible to the restaurant, and a bakery kitchen visible to the café. Behind the kitchens there are two full-sized classrooms with a folding partition between them allowing the wall to be opened to accommodate a small banquet. A laundry room, lockers and restrooms are available to the students onsite. This facility will be open to the public for breakfast and lunch and will function like a commercial restaurant. The concept of the Culinary facility is to teach students how to run the front of the house as well as the back of the house in commercial food service facilities.