Tom Haymes

Position: Director, Innovation & Learning
Education: Political Science, Georgetown University

Tom possesses more than 15 years of experience combining technology and instruction, both as a faculty member and administrator. He approaches technology as a tool to enhance teaching, learning and creativity. His background in social science has resulted in a focus in how humans adapt themselves and their technologies to augment themselves and their organizations. This also results in a rigorous focus on the needs of the users and the ultimate ends to which spaces, technologies and pedagogies are directed.

Tom’s broad-ranging experience as a project manager has extended from technology systems to space designs, as well as programmatic design and implementation. He has managed advanced projects that integrate a wide range of next generation learning environments, including MakerSpaces, facilitated collaboration areas, advanced STEM labs, digital media centers, informal collaboration spaces and different types of active learning classroom spaces.

Tom speaks widely at conferences on a diverse range of topics relating to education and technology. Since 2011, he has been a board member for the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report for Higher Education( which is downloaded over a million times a year. He is also a contributing editor for the New Media Consortium ( where he regularly blogs about issues confronting technologists in higher education and beyond.