Ryan Gregory
Ryan Gregory

Position: Chief Marketing Officer
Education: Journalism & Marketing, Texas A&M University – College Station

As Chief Marketing Officer in charge of marketing operations since 1999, Ryan leads the firm’s marketing, messaging, and community engagement initiatives for seven discipline-specific divisions and 16 full-service planning and design offices across the south/western United States and China.

Ryan also serves as an expert trainer, lecturer and consultant for planning, marketing and community engagement strategies that assist clients in effectively strategizing, packaging, and communicating capital improvement programs (specifically, bond measures). In doing so, he serves as founder of a specialized division within PBK that assists clients in properly achieving process transparency and educating community constituents about the specifics of capital improvement processes and construction objectives.

Since 1999, Ryan has assisted clients with more than 100 significant building campaigns leading to the successful implementation of more than $20 billion in construction.